Heart Strings

Heart strings are stronger than any other bond. Invisible to the naked eye but stretching from one heart to another and connecting people no matter the physical distance between them.

Yesterday, I asked my daughter if I could pick up my 4 yr old grandson from daycare as I was going to be picking up both granddaughters at school, also. She laughed and told me that Wyatt had stated to his dad that morning that he did not want dad, did not mom to pick him up from school. He wanted grandma and no one else. 🙂

As a mother, I have always relished the love my girls and I share. When they’re happy, I’m happy. When they’re troubled, I’m troubled. When they’re sad, I’m sad. When they’re sick or hurt, I’m devastated. It’s the same bond I have with my grandkids. 

My challenge to you today is to cherish your loved ones. Rejoice in their smiles, listen to what they have to say and do what you can to make their day a special one. I believe that’s my purpose here on earth. To love unconditionally, to help in any way I can, to give out hugs and kisses as often as possible and to be there for each of them. When I’m no longer on this earth, I hope my legacy of love will continue on in their hearts. Forever connected by our unbreakable heart strings.

(As undisputable truth on the love my kids share for me, they went along with the clothing I got them to wear for our Christmas photos last year! Now that’s love!!!!)





I don’t know why, but I enjoy rainy days now. I’ve always loved thunderstorms but the days when it just rains nonstop used to feel very depressing. When it’s days on end with no break in the rain, no sun at all, then it gets annoying, but it no longer depresses me.

I guess I use it as an excuse to stay home and hibernate. (Told you I was a bear in a former life!) I’ve read three books the past few days (thank you, Laura, for ‘Greenery Street’ by Persephone Books!) and I’ve just been kicked back relaxing.

When I’m relaxing, I look out my windows and see the rain coming down, the leaves falling, the birds flying around or resting in the trees and it’s so peaceful. Rain is cleansing to my spirit and on rainy days, I don’t mind when I’m not feeling well. (Unless there’s somewhere I absolutely need to be and then it’s hard to push myself to get ready to go because it’s so gray.) But on the gray days, I guess I can allow myself to be “lazy”. On sunny days, I feel like I should be out and about and working on this and that but if my body won’t cooperate, I sometimes feel like a failure. To myself. My Type A personality doesn’t allow for that and I struggle with it constantly. It’s easier to deal with on rainy days for some reason.

So, my challenge to you is to find joy in rainy days. Make time to just do nothing-read a book, watch a movie…something you may not feel you can allow yourself to enjoy on a typical day. Without down times, you will burn out and little things will become big things.

I wish you all a rainy day once in awhile. It’s refreshing.


When you see the leaves resplendent in Autumn colors, does it lift up your soul? That’s how I feel when I look at people.

I know that sounds very odd but how can anyone in this world be prejudiced about anyone different than themselves when it’s the variety that makes this world so beautiful?! Nature itself teaches us this simple fact. No two flowers look exactly alike in color or shape or form. It’s the same way with people. Does one color appeal to you personally as more beautiful than others? Probably. But does that mean the other ones aren’t just as gorgeous? That would be a very narrow view.

Take a look around you today with new eyes. You’ll be amazed at the beauty all around you that you haven’t appreciated before. Whatever someone’s skin tone, there are different shades and to dismiss that means to deprive yourself of all the wonder this world has to offer. Skin, eyes, hair…you’ll find yourself being amazed at the variety of colors and shades.

What brought on this way of thinking? The view out my window this morning.

Have a very wonderful day!!



Never fails. I have a good day and then the next, I pay for it. That’s ok, though. As long as I still have good days, that’s all that matters. My challenge to you today is to realize that not every day is going to perfect. That even the imperfect days can be full of joy, also. Today, I’m looking around my house at all I accomplished yesterday. That brings me great joy today and that’s all that matters. Every day contains joy if you just look for it.

So, I wish all of you a very good day!!


Once you enter the grown up world of marriage, children, jobs, bills, home ownership, etc, you forget how freeing it is not to live by a set schedule. I have all the freedom in the world as far as what I do with my days. My income is set now with no chances for increasing it as I’ve done in the past with overtime or extra jobs. Therefore, as long as I stick to that budget, I have no real worries.

I’m not worried about my health because that’s completely out of my control. I’ve learned over the years that no matter what I do, the unexpected will happen and probably at the most inconvenient times possible. There’s nothing I can do to stop disaster from hitting my life so worrying about it is an absolute waste of time.

I have to remind myself of that daily, though, as I keep trying to control everything in my world. I’ve always been the care taker, the one to make everything right for my kids, the one to turn to for help. And now, though I’m still that person, my resources are limited. My energy is sapped by chronic pancreatitis and I’m totally aware of my limitations on making anything right for anyone. The will is there but that’s not realistic. Things happen that no one can control or expect. You can’t prepare for every single calamity that might occur.

Despite that pessimistic view, I’m an eternal optimist. I believe in preparing for things that may happen though I’ve let go of worrying about those things. Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs and you have to learn to enjoy the ride no matter how frightening it may be. That long trip climbing may end up being the most fun you’ve ever had once you reach the top and head down. That curve that jerks you around may end in straight track for awhile. And when the ride comes to an end, it’s part relief and part sadness that it’s over.

That’s life. My faith in God is strong and unshaken and I know what’s waiting for me at the end of my ride. Jesus is waiting with open arms. So worry? It serves no purpose.

That’s freedom. True freedom. Letting go of believing you have control over anything other than your own reactions to what occurs in your life. Today, I hope you grab hold of your own freedom and embrace the life given you fully.

Have a wonderful day!


The best way for me to renew my spirit is to spend time with my family. This past weekend, it didn’t matter how I felt physically because I was with all three of my girls and all four of my grandkids. Sometimes all at once and sometimes just a few at a time. Every second is precious and means so much.

All of my girls have different personalities, as do each of my grandkids. Talking to each is a constant delight. They never fail to surprise me. They’re my heart and my life.

My challenge to you today is to find your heart. Someone who means the world to you, or a pet who loves you unconditionally, or a place that renews you with peace. Then whatever comes your way, you’re strong enough to handle without falling apart.

Wishing you peace in any storm and renewal of your spirit and optimism today.


The night sky in Autumn. Very clear and the moon seems to shimmer in white against the blackness of the sky. I took my grandson outside last night to share the wonder of it all.

When we first stepped outside, he wasn’t impressed. Yeah, big deal. Slice of moon and stars. But I walked him further out into the yard and as we stood gazing upwards, more stars appeared to us. I’m hopeless at pointing out constellations but as I gestured to the sky telling him they’re there, he perked up more and more.

That’s my job as a Grandma. It was my job as a Mom and now it’s my responsibility to pass that wonder onto my grandkids, also. On vacation, I showed my granddaughter’s how fascinating it is to hunt for shells. Show them the wonder of geodes and rocks I find in different areas. When we walk outside, I point out things they may not see or present things to them in a different light. Sticks aren’t just sticks, nuts are all unique to the tree they come from and textures all vary.

As a grown up with chronic illness that gives me a reduced life span here on earth, it’s important I keep that childlike wonder alive in myself. Even if I didn’t have grandkids to share my discoveries with, I’d still be out there appreciating all that nature has to offer. I regularly walk around the property just to see what I can see. Collect things to make crafts from. Take photographs to enjoy forever.

My challenge to you is to find that childish wonder. Find the magic. Experience the discoveries.

Have a wonderful day!