As my son-in-law was burning wood we didn’t need last night, I went outside to watch the flames. As I stared into them, I thought of all the people in CA and what they’ve lost. The flames were flaring up and very beautiful and I said I felt guilty appreciating the beauty in them when they cause so much destruction and break so many hearts.

There is beauty and fascination watching destructive forces at work. If you’ve never seen or felt the power of a tornado, hurricane, fire or flood (yes, I’m one of THOSE! I stood in my backdoor taking photos as a tornado came close enough to twist my garage door right in front of my eyes.) then you’ll know what I mean. The action, the unpredictability, the excitement of it… Part of the draw is the danger.

Why are people so attracted to danger? Makes me wonder sometimes. Halloween, people flock to haunted houses hoping to feel the thrill of a scare. Roller coasters, climbing mountains, etc are all things that raise the adrenaline and some people are just drawn to that.

I’ve always thought of myself as a major coward because I’m not drawn to those things. And yet, a powerful storm or watching a fire (a controlled fire!) fills me with appreciation for those things. The wonder of lightening streaking across the sky never fails to thrill.

Today, I challenge you to look at what might be a destructive attraction to some danger in your life. The beauty in a man who doesn’t treat you well can blind you to that fact. A child who manipulates you with their cuteness when you know you should be setting firm rules for the child’s own good. These are just a few examples of things that could be harming you while you’re caught up in mesmerizing flames. Drag your eyes away from that and look past that to the truth hiding within.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Published by

Sandra Davenport Collins

Mother of three girls, two son-in-laws. Grandma to two boys and two girls along with four dogs and four cats. Living life fully with Chronic Pancreatitis and Fibromyalgia.

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