Short hospital stay

Waking up in the morning with a pain level of over 9 is not a fun way to begin a day. Having the pain climb to over 10 (which means I cry nonstop-no control over that at this point) and then having to wait on the ambulance to finish 2 other runs before they could get to me… Well, lets’ just say that Fri is better forgotten.

Forgetting Sat is also a good idea, too. The pain was under control by then but the nausea was not.

Woke this morning and knew the crisis was past and that I’d be able to come back home. But, just because I’m home doesn’t mean my day has suddenly turned out ok. I’m exhausted but can’t sleep. Try to read and my eyes cross. Forget sewing. Taking a walk? Not quite up to that.

I had plans with one of my daughters for today. We were heading to OH for the night. Planned on going to an art museum and several antique malls. In the morning, we were going to a book sale. Disappointed not to be able to do those things with her. I treasure out times together.

It’s actually a good thing that my body is not feeling well because I’d be very tempted to just go anyway. I have trouble cancelling things that are important to me and my family. I hate to disappoint anyone. But, if I tried to do what we’d planned, there is a good chance I would just feel worse. Not that I would even be able to drive down the driveway yet today! There are just times I need to accept the answer is “no”. Once I accept that, I can move on.

I think I’ll move on to bed for awhile! If I can get a short nap in, maybe I can read when I get up. That would make my day so much better.

I wish you all a nice day and that you can challenge yourself to accept when “no” is the answer. It’s sometimes a hard word but it’s usually for our own good. Find the joy in the change of plans you’ve made and you’ll find that that curve you hadn’t expected to take may lead you to even greater happiness that you ever dreamed of.

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Sandra Davenport Collins

Mother of three girls, two son-in-laws. Grandma to two boys and two girls along with four dogs and four cats. Living life fully with Chronic Pancreatitis and Fibromyalgia.

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