I don’t know why, but I enjoy rainy days now. I’ve always loved thunderstorms but the days when it just rains nonstop used to feel very depressing. When it’s days on end with no break in the rain, no sun at all, then it gets annoying, but it no longer depresses me.

I guess I use it as an excuse to stay home and hibernate. (Told you I was a bear in a former life!) I’ve read three books the past few days (thank you, Laura, for ‘Greenery Street’ by Persephone Books!) and I’ve just been kicked back relaxing.

When I’m relaxing, I look out my windows and see the rain coming down, the leaves falling, the birds flying around or resting in the trees and it’s so peaceful. Rain is cleansing to my spirit and on rainy days, I don’t mind when I’m not feeling well. (Unless there’s somewhere I absolutely need to be and then it’s hard to push myself to get ready to go because it’s so gray.) But on the gray days, I guess I can allow myself to be “lazy”. On sunny days, I feel like I should be out and about and working on this and that but if my body won’t cooperate, I sometimes feel like a failure. To myself. My Type A personality doesn’t allow for that and I struggle with it constantly. It’s easier to deal with on rainy days for some reason.

So, my challenge to you is to find joy in rainy days. Make time to just do nothing-read a book, watch a movie…something you may not feel you can allow yourself to enjoy on a typical day. Without down times, you will burn out and little things will become big things.

I wish you all a rainy day once in awhile. It’s refreshing.

Published by

Sandra Davenport Collins

Mother of three girls, two son-in-laws. Grandma to two boys and two girls along with four dogs and four cats. Living life fully with Chronic Pancreatitis and Fibromyalgia.

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