Found my lost images! Below are examples of the Halloween garlands I’ve been working on.

I love the changing of the seasons. Especially the transition from summer to fall. The air just feels different and you know immediately that fall has arrived. Even when the temps are still summer.

It’s finally acting like fall temperature wise and that energizes me. My homing instincts kick in and I start fixing up my house ready for hibernation. I must have been a bear in a previous life! Removing stuff that I no longer use, deep cleaning and rearranging…that’s what I’ve been doing since the air changed.

It’s good to shake things up once in awhile. Two of my daughter’s are very cautious with change but my youngest is constantly switching things up. Wonder where she learned that?!

No matter how much I love my house and the way I’ve set it up, I’m always doing things to give it a new look. Adding, subtracting, changing… I never get bored in my home because it’s always new. Filled with things I love and everything in here is important to me.

As I feel the need to change things in my environment, I also am aware of the need to change things within myself. If you don’t find ways to challenge yourself, you become stagnant. My body may be deteriorating but I’m trying to find ways to prevent my brain from following suit. For all I know, it’s not working, but I do enjoy learning new things as often as possible. I don’t do easy reading often. Books can teach you so much even when they’re fiction. Wars fascinate me and take me out of my pain and put me into someone else’s reality that is far worse. It’s hard to feel sorry for yourself when so many others are suffering much more. And mysteries challenge your mind to work out puzzles.

Autumn calls me to get out and walk. To enjoy the cooler weather and colors. As I’m working on the changes in my own life, it’s good to get out and see the changes going on everywhere else, also. Sometimes my world feels isolated and overwhelming but when I get out of my own world into the larger one, I realize it’s only that way if I let it be. Which I have no intention of allowing.

That’s my challenge today. Expanding my world so the wonder and joys can enter my heart and motivate me to keep on changing and improving all I can. And on that note, I wish you a wonderful day.

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Sandra Davenport Collins

Mother of three girls, two son-in-laws. Grandma to two boys and two girls along with four dogs and four cats. Living life fully with Chronic Pancreatitis and Fibromyalgia.

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