Completing projects, not matter how small or how large, is very satisfying. Today’s challenge is to enjoy that satisfaction without allowing feelings of inadequacy to interfere. Would I have liked to finish these a couple weeks ago? Yes. Would I have liked to have finished more? Yes. But the fact I finished any at all is a huge success and I’m setting aside my Type A to enjoy that completion fully.

(My satisfaction is dulled considerably at this very moment, because I just discovered the photos I downloaded to post have disappeared somewhere within the memory of my laptop! Well, that is an issue to deal with tomorrow.)

Learning to let go of disappointments, learning to accept my limitations and learning how to celebrate the little victories is a task I’ve worked hard at these past few years. Some days, no matter how I try to talk myself out of a funk, I can’t. So on the days I can see physical evidence that I’m leaving something of myself behind in this world, I feel great satisfaction in that. I have a pile of completed Halloween garlands in front of me to remind me of the focus it took to create them. They’re fun and the finished products aren’t the only important thing. The image in my head, the process of making them, the pride in my work… It’s all very satisfying.

Lowering my expectations and learning how to deal with whatever curves the day brings to interfere with those is something I relearn every day. So my challenge to you today is to set aside those lists of things you should have completed today and for some reason, weren’t able to. Think of one thing that made you feel satisfaction. Focus on that and celebrate!

Have an awesome day.


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Sandra Davenport Collins

Mother of three girls, two son-in-laws. Grandma to two boys and two girls along with four dogs and four cats. Living life fully with Chronic Pancreatitis and Fibromyalgia.

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